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Astronomy Picture of the Day

In the hyper-trendy online world of cool hunters and inspiration curators, the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD, as it’s more commonly known) website is something of... More
Tromso snow bench_2

Tromsø and Sø Øn

I love this letter, Ø, which comes after Z in the Norwegian alphabet. It’s beyond omega, it’s always one step away, it’s cancelling or forbidding something. I... More
Business admin image

Mastering Business Administration

We were all hellbent on getting rich. You don’t take an MBA from LSE without a game-plan. Indeed it was something to look round the lecture hall... More


Public language and speeches have been used throughout history as mechanism for attaining and maintaining power and dominance over socio-political discourse. The power of language over a... More

Witch, Troll, Homeopath

In her book Caliban and The Witch, Italian feminist Silvia Federici argues ‘that the persecution of the witches, in Europe as in the New World, was as... More
Nesjavallavirkjun geothermal energy plant 64.102628,-21.26505


Icelandic photographer Svala Ragnars graduated in 2013 with an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography from the London College of Communication. Orka is a stunning series of work... More


On Christmas Eve I set off for an afternoon walk with my wife. The apparently straightforward aim was to walk from my parents’ house in Chesham Bois, in... More
To From open


Pages Of first spotted these images by artist James Newton – published in a beautiful artist’s book by Highchair Editions – earlier this year at the KALEID... More
Robert Montgomery

Reinventing Utopia

…death terrifies people less than the absence of real life. All these dead, mechanized, specialized actions, stealing a little bit of life a thousand times a day,... More
e-cig final

Electronic Cigarette

Last week, I was having dinner with some friends in a pub not far from my house. One of these friends is a smoker of electronic cigarettes.... More